Constructing the new form of the entertainment industry through blockchain

competitive ADVANTAGE

The XMT pan-entertainment platform is not only a blockchain electronic ticketing platform, but also based on the concept of e-ticketing, to seize upstream content resources and fans, develop downstream propaganda and derivative services, lay out the whole industry, and build a new entertainment ecosystem. . At the end of the Internet traffic dividend and the early stage of the blockchain, XMT completed the layout of the pan-entertainment industry through industry deconstruction, industrial chain layout, and clear-cut thinking

XMT uses blockchain technology and a new consensus concept:
constructing a trusted distributed global entertainment industry eco-community that can achieve internal self-circulation while expanding outward

strategic layout

  • Rebuilding the new form of star fan communication
  • Create a new entertainment industry equity certification system
  • Global consumption, IP sharing
  • upstream

    Stars, performing arts, creating star idol fan tribes, incubating new forms of digital fan economy community

  • midstream

    Create a new ticketing platform, deploy a pan-casual ticketing market, save money, reduce processes, and achieve ticketing traceability

  • downstream

    Provide data for star guidance, provide IP derivatives business, and deepen the fan economy

core technology

  • DPOS

    The decentralized DPOS consensus mechanism has a strong security mechanism compared to the centralized system, and has a huge advantage in less than 51% attack compared to other blockchain bottom layers.

  • Graphene frame

    Based on graphene framework construction, 3 seconds out of block, 1.5 second confirmation, with 3300 TPS single-threaded high concurrent processing capability, can be extended to 100,000 TPS in the future. It can be a global social + trading demand, and its performance greatly exceeds other public chain including Ethereum.

  • mortgage

    The unique mortgage mechanism can obtain the constant currency for purchase payment through the smart contract automatic mortgage pass, solve the price fluctuation problem of token and legal currency, and realize the seamless connection between the pass and the legal currency channel.


XMT was released by the Y & M GROUP CAPITAL LTD(BVI), hoping to re-construct the entertainment industry and create a new community structure for all stars and fans in the blockchain era, creating a more dynamic, stimulating, and self-organizing entertainment consensus society.

The founding team of XMT comes from master's and doctoral degrees from world-renowned universities such as the University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cornell University.

They have many well-known companies such as Google, Amazon and Salesforce, and have extensive experience in enterprise software, Internet products and blockchain.